Tiny Tots

(3-4 years old)

Tiny Tots are the youngest age group in the Girls’ Brigade and have lots of fun every week in our companies. To join the Tiny Tots you must be 3 before the 1 September on year of joining.

Here are some of the things we like to do:

  • Have fun!
  • Play games
  • Sing songs
  • Make friends
  • Make things – especially messy things!
  • Learn to Skip
  • Learn to Dance
  • Listen to Bible Stories
  • Outings to fun places
  • Run around

They have their own uniform so they are really special!  Tiny Tots wear a navy tunic with a bright red jumper.  They wear a white blouse instead of the Red Jumper for the Annual Display (Show).

Would you like to be a Tiny Tot?

Tiny Tots meet once a week between September and April/May.

To join us, Find a Company near you.