Who we are & what we do

Joining a GB group (known as a company) is a great way for your daughter to make lots of new friends and take part in exciting activities.  Companies meet once a week from September to April/May each year. The Girls’ Brigade companies are run in local church halls. We have 28 in Ireland, so see if there is one close to you.

Girls can join a company at any time but the best time is at the start of the season in September. Contact us and we will send you the contact details of the Captain of your chosen GB Company.  You do not have to be a member of a particular church to send your daughter to a particular company.

Click here to Find a Company near you.

Girls are grouped into sections according to age: Click here for more information on Age Groups.

The Girls’ Brigade Ireland offers a programme of fun activities for girls, designed to educate, challenge and inspire along with Christian teaching that is relevant and meaningful to girls today.


All our leaders are female and are fully-trained volunteers and are Garda vetted.  Each GB Company is led by a Captain (Leader in Charge).  She will have several other leaders to help her, referred to as Officers.  Each company also has a company chaplain. Frequently this is the minister/pastor of the church to which the company is attached.  To become a Captain or Officer in GB each leader must undergo leadership training certified by GB HQ.  Each leader must undergo the recruitment process laid out in The Girls’ Brigade Ireland Child Safeguarding Policy before appointment and complete the Child Safeguarding Training on becoming a leader and renew their Child Protection training every three years.

Leaders are always happy to answer any questions you may have, so please feel to ask about anything that you do not understand or have concerns about.

Child Safeguarding:

All leaders within The Girls’ Brigade Ireland have to complete a Child Safeguarding Training Course. This training is valid for three years at which time leaders have to complete Renewal Training.

Cost of Membership:


Each member is charged a subscription fee by the company to cover equipment, craft materials, hire of halls, contribution to Headquarters for insurance etc. Some Companies also do some fundraising (either for company funds or for chosen charities) during the year which parents are asked to support.


The girls wear a distinctive uniform that promotes a sense of belonging, equality and identity. Each section in the Girls’ Brigade has their own uniforms.  Uniforms are purchased through your company.

Why send your daughter to GB?

Do you want her to: –

  • Find creative talents?
  • Have fun in a safe & caring environment?
  • Find a place where girls can be girls?
  • Make lifelong friends?
  • Build confidence and self esteem?
  • Discover God and the relevance of the Bible today?
  • Develop practical skills & life skills?
  • Escape from the pressures of school?
  • Find a sense of belonging?

If the answer is yes, Find a Company near you.