Structure and Staff


Company members include teams of voluntary leaders headed by the Captain and girls of all ages from 3 – 18 years.


Companies are grouped together in local areas to form Districts. Officers from local companies are elected onto the District Board to run the District, providing activities and events for girls and leaders where they can meet, have fun, compete and share friendship.

There are six Districts in Ireland:

  1. Lewis Crosby
  2. District 2
  3. North Eastern
  4. Munster
  5. Glenveigh
  6. South East

Each District elects Captains and Officers to represent the views of members of that District on National level decision making teams.


The National Board is responsible for governing the organisation and making decisions about the strategic operation of the organisation. The day-to-day running of the organisation will be delegated to HQ staff.

The National Board is made up of representatives of the Districts and therefore the views and opinions of local members are channelled directly to the decision makers in the organisation.

For practical reasons, the National Board works with sub-groups that are set up to focus on various aspects of Brigade work. These include Spiritual, Programme and Training, Staff and Finance. These groups meet regularly throughout the year providing a valuable service to all GB companies.

The National Board consists of:

  • National President: Mrs Margery McElhinney
  • National Chaplain: Revd. Suzanne Harris
  • Chairperson: Mrs Gillian Lesware
  • Vice Chairperson: Mrs Arlene Fitzgerald
  • Commissioner: Ms Jacky anderson
  • Hon. Treasurer: Ms Nadine Watters
  • Hon. Secretary: Ms Jacky Anderson

Representatives from the Districts:

  • District 1: Ms Sharon Kinsella, Mrs Gillian Lesware
  • District 2: Mrs Averil Dobson, Mrs Ann Hegarty
  • District 3: Rev Lorraine Kennedy Ritchie,  Mrs Arlene Fitzgerald, Ms Nadine Watters
  • District 4: Mrs Clodagh Nicholson
  • District 5:  Mrs Shirley Hewston, Mrs Joan Moffitt
  • District 6: Vacant

In Attendance:

    • National Director: Ms Joan Nicoll

Staff at Headquarters provides a range of services to members including resources and information for leaders, administrative support, co-ordination of training, events and other activities. Through the Supplies Department uniforms, awards, resource materials and various gifts are sold.


National Director Ms Joan Nicoll

Administrative Assistant Ms Sarah Swann