Get Involved

We are eager to grow the membership of The Girls' Brigade Ireland, but it's going to take a lot of work and womanpower. We need people on the ground to help existing companies grow and to start new ones. So if you are an existing member, a parent or a past member, please do think about stepping up! You will be supported and welcomed greatly!

Parent Volunteers

To become a parent volunteer, firstly make it known that you are interested in helping out to the Captain of the company. Your application will be processed by Headquarters who will complete your Garda Vetting. If approved you can then complete Child Protection Training which The Girls’ Brigade Ireland run on a regular basis. When the process is complete, Headquarters will let your Captain know and you will be welcomed with open arms!

Become a Leader

To become a leader in The Girls’ Brigade you are probably already a member and have reached the age when you would like to give something back to the organisation. Firstly make your views known to your Captain who will then complete the appropriate forms and submit to Headquarters. You will receive a Leadership Training Book which charts what you have to do to. This takes 2 years to complete but if you are a more mature person when you begin this journey then you may complete the necessary tasks in one year.

Start a Company

If you are thinking of starting a company in the area where you live whether it be in a rural area or in a city or town then you will need to let Headquarters know your intentions and then the National Secretary or a member of the National Board will meet with you and outline the way forward. Every assistance will be given to you in order to set up this new company and of course we would encourage you, in the first instance, to ask for help from your friends/family and perhaps members of a Girls’ Brigade Company that is closest to you, geographically.