Progression within The Girls' Brigade

Within The Girls’ Brigade Ireland, there are two separate progression pathways both marked by the presentation of badges which are worn on girls’ uniforms. The first pathway is Years of Service which as the name suggests, are awarded to girls based on their time in GB. Girls may take breaks in their GB career and their years will be carried over. The second pathway is Skills Development. These badges are awarded based on achieving certain targets in relation to the programme of activities offered within GB. Points are awarded for each activity that the girls complete and at the end of the year, girls with enough points are awarded their prized badges.

There are also company medals, shields and trophies which are awarded at annual displays. National trophies & medals are awarded to winning teams at competitions.

Tiny Tots & Explorer Service Awards

Tiny Tots 1 Year Star
Explorer 1 Year Star (age 5)
Explorer 2 Year Star (age 6)
3 Years Service Award

Junior, Senior, Brigader & Associate Service Awards

3 Years Service Award
6 Years Service Award
9 Years Service Award
12 Years Service Award
15 Years Service Award

Officer Service Awards

Officers 5 Years Service Award
Officers 10 Years Service Award
Officers 15 Years Service Award
Officers 20 Years Service Award
Officers 25 Years Service Award
Officers 30 Years Service Award

Explorer Awards

Explorer Bronze Star
Explorer Gold Star
Explorer Gold Star

Junior & Senior Awards

Junior Skills Award 1
Junior Skills Award 2
Senior Skills Award 1
Senior Skills Award 2

Brigader Awards

Blue Brigader Triangle
White Brigader Triangle
Green Brigader Triangle
Brigader Brooch

Special Awards

The International Award - The highest award in Girls' Brigade