The President of The Girls' Brigade Ireland

A photograph of Hazel Ensor, President of The Girls' Brigade Ireland

Hazel Ensor, National President

I am honoured and privileged to assume the roll of President of The Girls’ Brigade Ireland. I would like to acknowledge the wonderful leadership provided by Margery McElhinney over the past number of years.

My main goals as President are to:

  • Promote the organisation to new members
  • Inspire the youth to be more involved
  • Drive The Girls’ Brigade Ireland forward, making sure we are ever changing and adapting with the times.

I have been a member of The Girls’ Brigade Ireland for over sixty years. Yet, I have never known there to be a more challenging, unique and pivotal year.  Like most organisations, we have been hugely affected by Covid-19.  However, we have stayed positive and strong for our girls. Many Companies broadened their horizons and found new and creative ways to reach out and support their girls. As Companies could not meet face to face they mostly met on Zoom.

Companies went to town on activities and were very creative. For example, baking, arts & crafts, dancing, singing, care of pets, what to do in an emergency, how to call an ambulance, were just a few of the activities undertaken.

So what has the pandemic taught us?

We know how to adapt, we have learned to be agile, we have expanded our horizons and we have become masters of Zoom.  We this in mind, we can take the positives from the pandemic. Moving forward, we hope to continue to bring the country together.  Last year we had our first ever virtual AGM with over 80 in attendance.  Being able to connect with Captains and Officers from all corners of Ireland in this new way enabled us to support each other, share ideas and problems, inspire, nurture and develop new friendships.  Together we will continue to grow as an organisation, we will transition from our past into our very bright future.

As President I hope to be able to continue to drive the organisation forward in these ever changing times.  I would like to be a pillar of support to each and every one of our members helping them adapt with the times and to continue to help them reach their full potential.

I would like to thank each and every one involved in The Girls’ Brigade Ireland for their hard work, dedication and participation over the last year.  In this time of uncertainty please take a moment to find gratefulness within yourself and share it with those you hold dear.

Let’s not wait for change to come, let’s be the bright change that’s coming.

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Past Presidents of The Girls' Brigade Ireland

The Lady Grey
President 1968 - 1973
Lady McDermott
President 1974 - 1983
Hilda Madden
President 1983 - 1993
Nancy Caird
President 1993 - 1996
Barbara Carson
President 1997 - 2003
Joan Darling
President 2003 - 2009
Margery McElhinney
President 2009 - 2020