Starting in The Girls' Brigade

Thank you for your interest in joining The Girls' Brigade. We are delighted that you are taking the time to learn about GB – a truly wonderful experience for your girl.

Using our map you can easily find the Companies near you and check the general days and times when each section meets.
Registering your child is easy, simply fill out the form, selecting your preferred company and pay the annual fee online.
Visit our online store to purchase your new uniform. Some companies have different uniforms, we will guide you through it! (COMING SOON)
Once registered you’ll have access to the exact dates/times of your child’s classes, simply show up and check in with a leader.

Frequently asked questions

Starting something new can be daunting. We are on hand to help your child take it at their own pace. It’s good to be prepared though, so here are some questions we get asked all the time. If you have more please don’t hesitate to contact us.
What age must my child be to join a GB section?

Girls must be of the relevant age for their section on or before the 1st of September in a given year. E.g. Must be 5 on the 1st of September to join Explorers. Please note that while some companies accept girls as young as 2 into Tiny Tots, other companies may not.

Do you offer a discount for multiple girls?

Yes, families registering more than 1 child will receive a discount on all subsequent children. Please note all children must be registered using the one parent account.

Do you offer Financial Assistance?

As a non-profit youth organisation, we make every effort to ensure that subscriptions are kept as low as possible.

Are there extra expenses throughout the year?

A uniform is required (please ask your Captain as it does vary between companies). Beyond that all materials, apparatus, medals, badges etc are provided by the company. You may from time to time be asked to contribute towards special costumes, optional trips or camps, however you will be given plenty of advance notice.

What is the child/leader ratio?

As per the Child Protection Laws, the ratio is as follows: 2 leaders to the first 8 children, followed by 1 additional leader per 8 or part thereof. For the purposes of this ratio Leaders must be over 18 and this is strictly adhered to.

How do I transfer to a different company?

To transfer to a different Company at the end of the year, simply do not renew your current membership and register with the new company. We do advise that you speak with the new Captain in advance of your move to ensure a smooth transition. If you wish to transfer mid-session, please contact Headquarters.

What does my child need to bring?

Each company is a little different. However in general all equipment is provided.

Am I expected to stay with my child during the session?

No, parental supervision is not required. All leaders are Garda Vetted and have completed Child Protection training. We operate an open door policy so parents are always welcome to drop in with any questions for leaders.

How much time commitment is required above and beyond the regular sessions?

This really depends on which Company you join. Some companies just meet weekly, while others will have some extra practices in the run up to competitions and displays. (Typically Tiny Tots and Explorers just meet weekly).

Will my child be safe at Girls' Brigade?

Yes, when it comes to Child Safety, we have a pristine record. All leaders are Garda Vetted and have received Child Protection training.

How can I find out the times & dates of GB sessions?

Once you find a company in your area on our map, you can check if the days and times fit your family schedule. If not, check other companies in your locality too, as each Company holds sessions at different times. Companies are generally in session in line with the academic year (September – May/June).

Take your first step today and find a company near you...