Caring for pets – cats, dogs, and elephants!

Dublin Zoo Certificate of Adoption

The girls in Castleknock GB have spent the last two months learning all about caring for pets.

Throughout January and February, the Juniors, Seniors and Brigaders introduced each other to their pets during their weekly Zoom classes. They taught the other girls in their group all about their pets and how to care for them.

Of course, not all girls have a pet at home – so the Company also adopted an Asian elephant and a red panda from Dublin Zoo! Girls who did not have pets of their own could learn all about these animals and share what they learned with others in their group.

Meanwhile, Brigaders did some extra research as part of their project. They also learned about the conservation projects carried out by Dublin Zoo to protect Asian elephants and red pandas.

To finish off their project, Castleknock GB invited a veterinary nurse to join their Zoom class. Robyn from Cara Veterinary Hospital talked to the girls all about her work with animals.

During the Zoom call, the girls had lots of questions for Robyn about caring for pets, so many that they ran out of time!

The girls have really enjoyed this project and getting to tell everyone about their pets and the animals we adopted. They loved hearing all about being a veterinary nurse and asking Robyn lots of questions. 

Olive, Captain of the 42nd Co. Castleknock

What a great project to do from home! Well done to the leaders and girls in Castleknock GB! And of course a big thank you to Robyn for sharing her time and expertise with the girls.

Screenshot of a Zoom class with Girls' Brigade members

The Girls’ Brigade Programme

Pet care is just one of the countless activities that Girls’ Brigade members can take part in. Check out the badges that girls can earn each year. Our badges recognise how much girls have learned in each of our four programme areas – physical, spiritual, educational and service.

For now, all of our programmes are taking place online. Follow The Girls’ Brigade Ireland on Facebook and Twitter for regular updates from our members.

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