Tiny Tots

As a first introduction to Girls' Brigade, our young Tiny Tots classes are for ages 2+. This age group is working on gaining independence, and developing their social skills through team games.

Parents! Please note that while some companies do accept girls as young as 2 into Tiny Tots, other companies may not.

Each company does a slightly different mix of activities, please enquire with your local Captain prior to registering.

Growth and Development

Girls have fun trying out all sorts of diverse activities designed to enable them to start to create friendships, develop their individual skills/talents and above all – enjoy themselves with others! Wearing their first uniform allows the Girls to feel very much part of the group.

A Safe Space to have Fun

All the Leaders in GB have been Garda Vetted and have received Child Protection Training. Typically Leaders come up through the ranks and quite a few Leaders in GB have gone on to make Primary School teaching their career. Our leaders aim to provide a friendly environment where each girl is treated with respect and will develop as individuals while feeling safe and secure.

Planned Programme

The Girls’ Brigade Programme has been designed to provide girls with the perfect environment to develop their social, personal and physical skills and learn through a planned programme of activities which are age appropriate. The Tiny Tots class has a certain structure which is repeated weekly, which gives the girls certainty and allows them build confidence in the GB environment through routine and familiarity. However it is not until they reach Explorers that we introduce the concept of progression over time through badges and competitions. That is not to say that we don’t observe great strides taking place in our Tiny Tots as each week passes!

Singing Games

Learning to memorize simple songs with associated actions.


Jumping in the big rope, learning rhythm & co-ordination.

Movement to Music

Beginning to dance with simple steps and arm movements.

Arts & Crafts

Sticking, folding, drawing, anything that makes a mess!

Do This Do That

Learning to carefully follow instructions through physical actions.

Dressing Up

Girls get to perform a routine at the annual display.

Physical & Active Play

The Girls’ Brigade is all about physical movement, especially at this young age. Whether it be skipping, team games or moving to music, physical fitness is obviously a major benefit of joining GB. When moving to music, props like pom-poms, shakers, scarves and bells are uses to make it even more fun (and noisy!). Girls copy the movement of the leader in unison and this is a great way to teach coordination, rhythm, balance and concentration. Each girl is called in turn to skip in the big rope, the first time can be nerve wracking but the new girls watch and learn and soon they are ready to give it a go too. While skipping is of course a great exercise, the real benefit is gaining the confidence to stand up and take your turn, improving each week. Our aim is to inspire girls to get moving while also introducing a little gentle discipline and above all have fun.

Imaginative Performance

Using descriptive songs and dressing up props, we introduce the girls to their first taste of performance and dramatic arts. Tiny Tots might simply be hopping along pretending to be a bunny, but these are just the first hops on the road to our musical theatre and choral programmes in subsequent sections of GB. These kinds of activities promote imagination, confidence and public speaking. Not to mention how excited they will be performing for their family at the Annual Display.

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