The Associate section is for young women aged 18 and over, and is essentially a transitionary section as members train to become leaders. If you have made it this far in GB chances are you are in it for life!

Each company does a slightly different mix of activities, please enquire with your local Captain prior to registering.

Training for Leadership

Associates typically meet alongside the Brigaders section and can do many of the same activities and share the same responsibilities in terms of helping the company with younger sections.

It is only when girls reach the age of 18 and join the Associates that they can start the journey to becoming an officer.

When an Associate wishes to become an Officer, the Captain of her company sends an application to Headquarters. Once accepted, the Associate must keep a training Log Book, various tasks must be completed under the headings of Spiritual, Physical, Educational, Service and Organisational. Service awards and badge work are also taken into account. Garda Vetting and Child Protection Training must also be completed.

Typically the whole process takes 2 years to complete, during which time, the young women are expected to help in their own company and also help in other companies if they have the time. At this stage they are being mentored by their Captain or other Officers. When the Log Book is complete, the Associate will be interviewed by a panel at Headquarters, and will have to sit an exam called ‘Brigade Knowledge’.

When an Associate becomes an Officer, it involves taking on a critical role within their Company. They may be in charge of a particular section or responsible for a particular activity across many sections. They also attend their District AGM and the National AGM, in time they may become Captain and/or can put themselves forward to serve on The National Board.

Officers can still join the Associate Teams and complete in all the usual competitions, so the responsibility of being a leader is balanced by the social side of participation.

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