GB Launches Annual Review 2019-2020

It has been one of the strangest sessions in The Girls’ Brigade Ireland’s 127 year history. However, our girls and leaders had a successful year and have lots of stories to share!

Our Chairperson, Gillian Lesware, reflects on the session. Outgoing National President Margery McElhinney shares memories from her life as a GB member. We celebrate the achievements of our members and volunteers – from Brigader Brooches to new Officers, competition and award winners! And can you guess which GB personality is celebrating her 80th year of membership this year?

You can also read about the varied activities that took place all around the country during the year. We had lots of fun and gained so many new skills. We are very proud of the creative approaches to online activities that many of our members took once COVID-19 restrictions came in.

We love hearing from our members around the country, so keep sending us your stories and photos for our blog and our social media pages. You never know, you might end up on the front cover of next year’s Annual Review!

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