Ending Leprosy one step at a time

Our latest blog comes from Sharon Spendlove, an Officer with the 26th Company, St Maelruain’s, in Tallaght. Sharon is taking part in a fundraiser for The Mission to End Leprosy, to support people affected by leprosy in India.

Three years ago, I travelled to Tamil Nadu in India to visit a hospital there and learn about the help that is being given to people suffering with leprosy. 

I went with Ken Gibson, the CEO of Leprosy Ireland and a group of young people and adults from the Meath-Kildare Diocese.  It was part of a three-year strategy led by Bishop Patricia Storey called “Good for the Sole”.  We aimed to raise €50,000 to make shoes for those with leprosy and to help pay for operations and medical care.

Most of the money was raised through the sale of a cookery book called “Food for the Sole”. We surpassed the €50,000 target so it was a great success!

In India, we learned exactly where the money would be spent. We also met the doctors, nurses, social workers, physiotherapists etc. who work there and care for those with leprosy.

This year, The Mission to End Leprosy started a new fundraising campaign. People like me are walking either 50, 100 or 150km from 1st September – 31st October.  It’s is a virtual event so participants can walk, run or cycle whenever suits them.

I am hoping to walk 150km in the month of September. I will need to walk a minimum of 5km per day for the month. Since September 1st I’ve already walked 60km. I’ve also raised nearly €500! I’m delighted with all the support!

Well done Sharon! Giving service to others is one of the key pillars of the GB programme. You will have certainly done your part by the end of September!

Find out more about The Mission to End Leprosy

See Sharon’s fundraising page

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